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The story of Valenttia is a story of bravery, of overcoming, of energy, a dream come true, where you are the center, you are the soul of the shoe.

I'm Susi García, I've been living and working outside of Valencia for 20 years managing other people's business units. I had always dreamed of taking the step to the creative and business world. And this is how Valenttia is born, to carry out of Valencian lands the art and tradition of our colorful and rich fabrics, beyond its use for regional costumes of Valencia.

Valenttia comes from the Latin word Valentia, the name of the current Valencia.

It means: strength, vigor, perfect state of strength and health, robustness, bravery.

Because you don't have to wait for a special event, because the special event is you. We want to accompany you in every step of your life, with shoes that help you project the best of you and feel confident about yourself.

For Valenttia every woman is unique, so we propose that marquéis your own style, creating something as unique as yourselves. For it we offer a wide variety of models of shoes, heels and samples of more than 20 fabrics of Valencia, so that it is your style that marks the creation of the shoe Valenttia.

The Valenttia are totally handmade, personalized and on request, for this your creation passes to the hands of expert Valencian artisans who put all their wisdom in making a work of art in the form of shoe. The normal time of artisanal creation of the Valenttia is between 4 and 6 weeks.

Our shoes are made with great care by master craftsmen from Valencia who have made shoes with Valencian fabrics for generations. We have an ethical production system and all our fabrics come from Valencian suppliers.

The Valenttia are more than a shoe, they are art, they are history, they are Mediterranean essence.